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2013 World Rowing Championships

In August of 2013 Marcus Blumensaat BSc RMT SMT (c) had the honour of being selected to work with the Canadian national rowing team at the FISA World Rowing Championships in South Korea.

There were many changes that occurred at Rowing Canada after the conclusion of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Many athletes retired and there was some restructuring in the coaching staff which meant a fresh start and a lot of new faces in the boats.

The weather in South Korea would prove to be a challenge for the athletes as temperatures hovered in the low 30’s with humidity in the 80’s. This made 33 degrees Celsius feel like 43 degrees Celsius. Our team used cold tubs and slush machines to help cool the athletes down but it was a very oppressive heat that pushed each athlete’s own cooling systems to the maximum.

Canada’s athletes, coaches and staff once again poured their hearts and souls into their performance. It is always such a great honour to work with such driven and dedicated people who are trying to do their country proud. They personified what makes all Canadians special… they worked extremely hard every step of the way and they did it all with a smile on their face.

The team performed very well at the regatta in South Korea bringing home 3 medals against an incredibly tough international field. Considering the many changes that occurred over the previous 12 months the medal haul was a great accomplishment and Rowing Canada athletes and staff will look to build on those results as they hit the water for a new season in the fall of 2013.

Below are some behind the scenes images that the average fan might not have access to. Of course there are some trade secrets that also can’t be shared. Enjoy.